Meditation classes and Reiki classes

Meditation for Inner Peace and Healing

By appointment.

In this four week class you will learn and practice meditations that promote deep relaxation and inner peace and that help you work with loving, compassionate energy to bring balance to your life.

The first class will cover an introduction to meditation, breathing meditations, and a deep relaxation exercise.
In the second class we will practice meditating with a mantra and visualization.
Our third class will focus on energy-based meditations including a chakra meditation (meditation on energy centers in the body) and a meditation focused on earth energy for relaxation and healing the planet.
Compassion is the focus of our last meeting and we will work with a loving-kindness meditation to send loving energy to ourselves and others. We will also discuss other ways to send energy to people and situations and the difference between healing and curing.

This class is appropriate for beginners as well as more experienced meditators.

Location: Oak Square, Brighton (address given at registration).
Cost: $60 for four week class
To register call Christine at 617-782-1681 or email

Meditation for Stress Management

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In this class you will learn simple meditation techniques that can help reduce stress and anxiety. The meditations we will discuss and practice can be used anywhere, in just a few minutes a day, to lead you to a more relaxed life.
No previous meditation experience necessary.

We will cover relaxing breathing techniques, energy-based meditation, and visualization exercises that can help create a sense of inner peace and balance.

Private meditation classes

The Meditation for Stress Management Class is also available by appointment. Appointment times include evenings and weekends.


I am also available to teach the meditation for stress management class to individuals or groups. These classes are usually offered in Brighton. Home or office classes may be available; please contact me for more information.

Classes for individuals are $25 for a one-hour class. There are special rates available for groups; for more information, please contact me at 617-782-1681 or

By phone

The private meditation for stress management class is also available by phone. You just need a quiet space. I also recommend a phone with speakerphone or a hands-free device.

If we have worked together before, I will accept a personal check for payment. Otherwise, please pay with PayPal by clicking on the button below. (I never see your credit card or bank information; this is all done through PayPal).

After making a payment please email me to schedule a class time.

Reiki and energy healing classes

Reiki Jin Kei Do, Level One

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Reiki is a gentle healing art originating from Japan. In this workshop, you will learn simple Reiki self-treatment techniques, learn to treat others, practice simple but powerful meditation techniques, receive four attunements in the lineage of Seiji Takamori, hear the history of Reiki and the story of Dr. Usui, as well as learn about the lineage of Reiki known as Reiki Jin Kei Do.

Rather than viewing Reiki as an isolated healing technique, this lineage of Reiki focuses on integrating self-healing and meditation into a daily spiritual practice, facilitating growth and healing at a deep level.

Reiki is simple to learn and can be learned by anyone regardless of spiritual background and belief system.

In this class you will:

  • Hear the story of Reiki and the story of Reiki Jin Kei Do
  • Learn about the energy body including the chakras and the aura
  • Practice several simple meditation techniques to help you work with Reiki energy
  • Receive four attunements in the lineage of Takamori through Usui
  • Learn how to give a Reiki treatment to someone seated in a chair or laying on a massage table. Opportunity to practice these treatment techniques.
  • Learn how to give yourself a Reiki treatment, including time to practice self-treatment
  • Hear the Reiki Jin Kei Do ideals and explore "Mindcheck" (a way to get in touch with your feelings during your Reiki training)
  • Receive handouts with all information from the class and receive a certificate

Reiki Share groups are available for students who would like to practice in a supportive environment after taking this class.

About the Instructor: Christine Radice is a Reiki Master/Teacher who has been practicing Reiki since 2002 and has since worked on hundreds of clients. Christine's practice promotes relaxation, balance, and client empowerment through Reiki treatments and classes.

For more information or to register for this class, please call Christine at 617-782-1681 or email

This class is being offered on the following dates: