Announcement - updated February 19, 2024

I am currently offering distance Reiki treatments, Reiki training, angel healing classes, intuitive readings, and meditation classes by phone and on Zoom only. I am not offering in-person sessions or classes at this time.

I'm also offering some free and low-cost group classes (visit the calendar page for a full list).

I may resume in-person classes and services in the future. I will update this notice when I resume in-person offerings.

Thank you for visiting me virtually on my website!

Reiki and Meditation


Reiki (pronounced Ray-key) is a Japanese healing technique that brings healing energy into your body and supports your body in its own natural healing process. "Reiki" also refers to the universal life force energy in all living things.

Reiki was discovered over 100 years ago by Dr. Mikao Usui in Japan. One student of Usui Reiki, Mrs. Hawayo Takata, brought Reiki to the United States. Since that time, Reiki has become a popular method of healing throughout the western world and beyond.

Reiki Jin Kei Do

Another form of Usui Reiki is Reiki Jin Kei Do which can be translated to mean "Reiki in the Way of Wisdom and Compassion." This rare lineage of Usui Reiki extends from a line of Buddhist monks in the Himalayas and was discovered by a Japanese Zen Buddhist monk named Seiji Takamori. After spending three years in a small, remote monastery in Japan becoming a Reiki Master under the instruction of his teacher, Takamori set out on an extensive search for the origins of Reiki. Takamori eventually discovered a group of monks that practiced a larger, ancient healing technique that contained the teachings of Reiki. He stayed with these monks until he had learned all that he was able and then went out into the world to teach. The result of that remarkable journey is the teachings of Reiki Jin Kei Do, a true spiritual discipline in which, through the use of meditation, energy-awareness and self-healing techniques, wisdom and compassion for both self and others are awakened so that true transformation may take place.

It is important to note that Reiki is not a religion, but a spiritually-based healing system.


I have been studying Reiki Jin Kei Do since 2002 and meditation since 1991. There are countless meditation traditions throughout the world. Meditation involves focusing the mind on an object or an action like the breath. Meditation leads to relaxation, peace, and in some cases, spiritual transformation. The meditations I teach are non-religiously based techniques that help with relaxation.

Quebecoise healing techniques

In addition to Reiki Jin Kei Do, I integrate healing techniques used by my French-Canadian family into healing sessions upon request. The techniques include meditations I do during or before a Reiki treatment to help me feel more connected to the energy. These meditations have been passed down through my maternal grandmother's family for generations.



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